Who? What? Where?

March 20, 2013 Uncategorized 5

Who? What? Where? is one of my favorite weekly memes hosted by Melissa at My World…in words and pages where you give a little bit of information about where you currently are and what is happening in the book you’re reading. Don’t worry, no spoilers!

This week:

A category 3 hurricane just hit Rhine’s prison, Governor Linden’s house. She figured this would be the perfect time to attempt to escape. Unfortunately, the winds were too strong and she ended up breaking a leg, ribs, and other body parts in the storm. Linden’s creepy father (her new father-in-law), Housemaster Vaughn, aka the doctor taking care of her, has basically just threatened her and told her if she valued her life, she’d never try to run away again.

WITHER by Lauren DeStefano

Housemaster Vaughn is beyond creepy and I seriously hope Rhine doesn’t try to escape the mansion again. Who knows what would happen to her! Definitely sitting on the edge of my seat right now.


5 Responses to “Who? What? Where?”

    • Christine P

      I was in a category 2 hurricane once and was terrified. Why she would think it’d be perfectly fine to go outside and attempt to runaway in a 3 is insane! She definitely paid for that mistake for awhile after that. I don’t think she’ll be pulling that stunt again haha. He is VERY overbearing and what he says, goes. He’s definitely getting creepier as the book goes on. I cringe reading about him!

    • Christine P

      She definitely wasn’t thinking very clearly. She was out for the count for a couple of weeks. It’s a really good book; I’ve really enjoyed reading it!

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