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Writing is hard…Figuring out how to get people to view my blog is even harder.

People claim that writing a book is easy. Pfft. I’m just so stuck on how to get where I want to go, it’s frustrating to the max. I just want to get to the intense scenes already! I thought about skipping ahead and then coming back for the in-between scenes but I decided against that. I don’t want there to be any inconsistencies. If I want to get something accomplished, I guess I’m going to have to complain about it the whole time and force myself to do it. As long as it gets done, I guess. I don’t have writer’s block, I know what I want. SO FRUSTRATING.

Another frustrating topic: Followers, Viewers, and Commentors. (I made that word up)
How do I get you people to view my blog? I tried the whole “labels” thing but to my frustration found out that just searches my blog. I also don’t know how to find good blogs to follow myself, either. I know of a couple already but they are all hotshot authors who have no interest in following someone like me. Bleh.

New book post coming up soon. Stay tuned nonexistent viewers!


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  1. rivie bleu

    I understand what you mean.
    First, the writing part (now, I’m not a writer but there is this book I want to write, personal experience and everything, not really meaning to sell it, I just want it as a book) and I have the important things, I have the end, but I just need to fill in for the rest, and I’ve been stuck in chapter 2. I’ve been meaning to write this book for the past 8 years lol, (that should tell you I’m not a writer). I wrote the end because I wanted to get to the good scenes too, and now I’m back and I think, I want to finish this already, I love the end so much lol. (At least just the way it came out, I really wish it could have been different, but since it’s based on a true experience, I can’t change that)
    Second, I do wonder, how do people find your blog or what makes them stay? And let’s say you get page views, what makes them read the whole thing and decide to comment? But one blogger said (my memory is not good, I can’t remember who said it) that after she stopped worrying about who followed her or read her posts or commented she had more fun. She wasn’t blogging just for followers, she wanted to express herself.
    I guess it’s true, I started my blog because I wanted to read more books and share them and look for more books and find cool blogs and everything else. I know having followers and comments does feel nice, we all want to know someone is out there with us.
    Third, about finding blogs, start with one blog, read posts, click on links, some will take you to new blogs, there are great blogs out there. Join reading challenges, you’ll find more blogs interested in the same things you are, join weekly memes, you’ll find more bloggers. It takes time, you have to start looking for them. Join Book Blogs, it’s a community specially for book bloggers like us.

    Rivie @ Bookshelf

    • Christine

      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this! I really appreciate it and enjoyed reading it! I hope you can get back into writing your book. If it’s based off a personal experience, you don’t want to forget the important details haha. What I find myself doing is forcing myself to write, even if I absolutely hate what I’m writing. It gets the juices flowing, so to speak! You can always go back and take it out 🙂 You’ll have to keep me updated on how’s it’s coming along!

      In regards to what that blogger said, that couldn’t be more true. I think I just got caught up in the whole thing for a slight minute. It is interesting to think about what makes people stay, though. Those are some really good tips on finding blogs, thanks! I’ll have to start doing some of that. And thank you for following me and commenting on things! I hope you see this. I don’t really know how to tag or alert you haha

    • rivie bleu

      Your welcome. We can subscribe to the comments on a post to see when they reply or when someone else comments. I usually forget to do it, but when my comments come to mind again, I go back to the post to see if they replied, if there’s something to reply.

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