Sunday Sit-Down [7-8-17]

July 9, 2017 Sunday Sit-down 19


Sunday Sit-down

Sunday Sit-down is a weekly recap post inspired by the Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, recap the past week on the blog, showcase books and things we have received, and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

The past two weeks have been pretty uneventful for the most part. I went kayaking with one of my good friends which was a lot of fun. I took a kayaking class while I was in college getting my 1st degree and absolutely loved it. If I had money I would totally buy myself one and go out multiple times a week! I took my GoPro with me and took a couple of neat shots. It was pretty hot and we didn’t see very much but it was still beautiful out.

Aside from that, I’ve been battling a horrendous bout of poison ivy. It was everywhere and so painful. I took my dog to the lake one day and she’s very particular and private about doing her business so I went with her up into the woods to go. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. It’s been almost 3 weeks since and I’m just now starting to not itch everywhere.

This weekend I’m up in NY visiting my grandparents. They don’t get down south anymore so I only ever get to see them maybe once a year. My grandpa has the best stories from his childhood and I love listening to them. He also has this cool workshop that I like digging through. Maybe I’ll find something neat to post on here next week!

Recent Adds to My Bookshelf

  • For Review via Edelweiss and NetGalley:
The Grave Keepers by Elizabeth Byrne
Releases: Sept 12
Publisher: HarperTeen
The Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
Releases: Sept 5
Publisher: HarperTeen
Top Ten by Katie Cotugno
Releases: Oct 7
Publisher: Balzer+Bray
Sleeper by Mackenzie Cadenhead
Releases: August 1
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
  • Purchased ebooks
The Diabolic by SJ Kincaid The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas

Currently Reading

How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True

I’ve had How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True for years but it’s one of those books I’ve always wanted to read but just never got around to. I’m just about done and it’s so good! I imagine it’s what working at Disney World would be like but the owner at this theme park is crazy haha. I’m loving it!

Last Week on the Blog

Coming Up This Week

  • Review of The Suffering Tree by Elle Cosimano — Tuesday, 7/11
  • Waiting on Wednesday — Wednesday, 7/12

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Have a great week! 🙂


19 Responses to “Sunday Sit-Down [7-8-17]”

  1. Laura Thomas

    Huh, my comment keeps disappearing? Looks like you’re all set for summer reading. Poison Ivy is no joke. Nice to hear you’re healing. Have fun with your family and happy treasure hunting.

    My Sunday Post

    • Christine

      Uh oh, I’m sorry for the hassle! I might have been messing it up but updating old reviews to my new format. Sorry about that! I haven’t gotten poison ivy in YEARS so it’s been a terrible reminder of my childhood haha. So glad it’s almost gone. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Greg

    Kayaking is the best on a warm summer day. Love to be on the lake or a river, so relaxing. And hope the poison ivy goes away soon!

    Sleeper sounds really good!

    • Christine

      That really is the best! This particular spot we went wasn’t very wide and there were a ton of trees so it was nice and shady! Thank you!

  3. Evelina

    Come on, I wouldn’t call kayaking uneventful 🙂 I wish my life was that eventful! 😀 sucks about the poison ivy though.
    I can’t believe you also got They Both Die At The End! Gosh, I want that book but no one will give me the ARC xD grah!

    • Christine

      Haha well aside from that it wasn’t very eventful 😉 Thank goodness it’s finally starting to go away. It was such a pain! I got it off Edelweiss, you should request it!!

        • Christine

          Really?! I didn’t know that 🙁 I thought that was the whole point of eARCs – so everyone, regardless of location, could request. I’m sorry!

          • Evelina

            Yeah, wish it was that easy. Some of them just don’t want to waste money on us, some of them actually have legal restrictions and can’t give us access. It’s definitely harder being a reviewer out of the States 🙂

  4. Samantha

    Glad you had such a wonderful time kayaking! I took a tennis class in college…I don’t play any more! Haha! I also took horsemanship and I will NEVER get on a horse again. I blame my roommate for making me take both those classes. I had no interest. Oh well! Hope you have a great time with your grandparents!

    • Christine

      I would have loved to do a horse related course! I’ve always wanted my own but out of all the places we’ve lived, never once was it on property big enough to have one. I also took a bowling class that was a lot of fun! Thankfully my teacher didn’t care how terrible we were. As long as we showed up and played, we got an A.

  5. Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

    How cool! Kayaking sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry about your poison ivy, calamine lotion is your friend. My hubby swears by it. Glad it’s getting better.

    Hope you have a great week!

    • Christine

      One of my legs is all pink from the constant calamine haha! It really does work wonders to stop the itching. It’s almost gone now, yay! Thank you, I hope you do too!

  6. Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    Kayaking sounds fun! I’ve never done it before because I’m a little afraid of water but I’ve always wanted to try it. I’m excited to read a few of your new books too, especially Top Ten and They Both Dies at the End. 🙂

    • Christine

      Where we went was a section off a canal we have here. It was maybe 4 feet deep, if that. It only came to a little above my hips. Maybe you can find something shallow like that to try it out! The great thing about kayaking is once you get a good feel for how it moves, you never have to get wet. You can get right in it on land, and shove yourself off into the water. That might help ease your fears a little bit 🙂 I’m so excited for those too! I can’t wait to start them!

    • Christine

      It is SO bad! I haven’t had it since I was really little and from what I can remember, that was just a small spot on my leg. This was just horrible and all over. I think the problem is I didn’t know I had walked into the plant and so it got on my clothes and then transferred to other spots on my body. It’s definitely made me super careful of where I’m walking now! I don’t want to ever have to deal with this nonsense again haha.

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