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July 26, 2013 blog tour, interview 4

Hi everyone! The moment is finally here! You’ve heard me talking about this event on the blog and twitter for almost a month now. And I know I’ve gone on and on but seriously, I’ve been super excited about this little three blog hop we have going on! Jess from The Reading Nook Reviews, Isabel from Sab The Book Eater, and I are just way too excited to share with the word the wonderful debut novel from Maurene Goo: SINCE YOU ASKED. Seriously guys, you’re going to love this book!

But enough talk about the book for right now. You’ll get to experience my full review on July 30 where the three of us are hosting a MASSIVE giveaway! Are you curious about it? I’ll tell you all about it at the bottom.

But first! I’m super excited to share with you a quick little interview I had with Maurene, who, by the way is super nice. You should all go follow her on twitter 🙂 And buy her book!

For the tour, the three of us each asked her 4 questions that we’re putting on our respective blog. Make sure you stop by all three blogs because these answers may just appear on the rafflecopter *hint hint wink wink* I’ll update the links at the bottom once Jess posts her interview on Sunday, so check back.

Since You Asked by Maurene Goo

Release Date: June 25, 2013
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 262

No, no one asked, but Holly Kim will tell you what she thinks anyway.

Fifteen-year-old Holly Kim is the copyeditor for her high school’s newspaper. When she accidentally submits an article that rips everyone to shreds, she gets her own column and rants her way through the school year. Can she survive homecoming, mean-girl cliques, jocks, secret admirers, Valentine’s Day, and other high school embarrassments, all while struggling to balance her family’s traditional Korean values?

In this hilarious debut, Maurene Goo takes a fresh look at trying to fit in without conforming to what’s considered “normal” in high school and how to manage parental expectations without losing one’s individuality…or being driven insane.

Interview with Maurene Goo

How has life changed for you since you’ve gotten your book deal? Anything you would change if you could go back and do it again?

The biggest change is that I work completely for myself now. As in, I write books but I also freelance. My book deal gave me a push in that direction and I absolutely love it. As for anything I would change…use my writing time more wisely since my book deal—and join the Lucky 13s earlier! Man, I’ve learned so much through them.

What’s coming up next for you? Any new projects you can share with us? 🙂

Alas, since nothing is official yet I can’t really say much right now. Let’s just say I have lots of stories to share about high school girls, some Korean American, some not. I want to delve more into the romantic arena, too—we shall see!

You’re trapped in an elevator for 5 hours with one other person. Who would you want to be stuck with and why?

Man, everyone is going to roll their eyes at my answer…but it’s my husband? Haha, we already spend 24/7 together and love it so he is the obvious choice I suppose. He would keep me calm (I can get pretty darn unhelpful and panicky in situations) and entertained. 

Addicted to any tv show/movie that people may not know you love?

My favorite movie of all time is the SOUND OF MUSIC, but a close second is BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, which came out when I was in high school, I think. It’s about a bunch of friends who reunite in this small town for their high school reunion. Every single line is quotable. Plus it stars the most charming teenage Natalie Portman! I used to watch that movie on repeat when I did all-nighters writing papers in undergrad.

Thanks so much for answering my questions, Maurene! I really can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. I see SOUND OF MUSIC is where you got your ideas for Raw Meat Demons (the band mentioned in the book)! 🙂

 The Author
Maurene Goo was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she navigated her childhood by practicing extreme bossy lord-dom over her many cousins. She studied communication at the University of California, San Diego, and received a master’s degree in publishing and writing at Emerson College. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a very old cat.

THE GIVEAWAY: The giveaway will be posted on all three of our blogs on July 30, along with our reviews!

Here’s what you could win:

Grand Prize: an ARC of SINCE YOU ASKED, a pair of hot pink wayfarers like the ones Holly is wearing, and a bag from a company in San Diego where the novel takes place!

Other Prizes: 1) a tote bag and a hardcover copy of SINCE YOU ASKED! 2) a fox tote bag!

Grand Prize pack
Blog Hop Schedule
July 26: My Interview right here at The Bookish Daydreamer!
July 28: Jess’ Interview at The Reading Nook Reviews
July 30: Grand Finale Review & Giveaway on all 3 blogs!
Make sure you stop by the other two blogs and say hi!!


4 Responses to “Since You Asked Three-Blog Hop: Author Interview”

    • Christine P

      I think you’re going to love this book, Savy! I’m excited for you to see my review. Plus, Maurene is awesome and deserves some love 🙂

  1. Natalie Natflixandbooks

    You know, I have this book on my Kindle and have been meaning to get to it. It does look and sound really cute (I love that cover). I love the movie she mentioned–Beautiful Girls–I’ve seen it a hundred times and it really is such an awesome, quotable movie. Natalie Portman’s storyline is one of my favorite parts. I’ll definitely check back for your review! Great post and interview!

    • Christine P

      It was a laugh out loud kind of book. If you’re looking for something hilarious, rebellious, and like main characters who are sarcastic and say what’s on their mind, I highly recommend it! Holly was a fantastic MC. I have never seen it before. I love quotable movies so I think I’m going to have to go find a copy to watch now 🙂

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