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April 22, 2014 book review 2

Hey guys! As part of my sort-of-not-really official duties as a member of the DEAR NOBODY street team, I’m sharing with you all my review of the book AND at the bottom of this post is a photo copy of an actual entry from Mary Rose’s diary!

Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose

Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose

Edited by: Gillian McCain & Legs McNeil
Release Date: April 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Fans of Go Ask Alice will devour Dear Nobody, a real teen’s diary, so raw and so edgy that it’s authenticity rings off every page.

They say that high school is supposed to be the best time of your life. But what if that’s just not true?

More than anything, Mary Rose wants to fit in. To be loved. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Even if it costs her her life.

Told through the raw and unflinching diary entries of a real teen, Mary Rose struggles with addiction, bullying, and a deadly secret. Her compelling story will inspire readers—and remind them that they are not alone.

DEAR NOBODY is non-fiction, it is literally “the true diary of Mary Rose,” and because of that fact, it’s going to be a book that is hard to review—at least for me, that is. Mary Rose’s life is by no means perfect, not even close. Not only is she suffering from a brutal disease, but she is also into drug and substance abuse, has very little to no parental guidance, and has very little stability with friendships. If one thing isn’t going wrong, something else is.

This is also by no means an easy book to read. Because Mary Rose was a teenager when she wrote this diary, the language and writing style is very easy to comprehend and rings true to a teenager in these circumstances. What wasn’t easy to read about the book is the awful, awful things Mary Rose has to deal with. Most of her diary entries are things that happen to her that are completely out of her control: her battle with cystic fibrosis, her mother’s lack of parenting, her deadbeat friends and how they treat her, loss of close friends, etc. Some of the other things she writes about are things she can control but for whatever reason, she doesn’t: alcoholism, drugs, her deadbeat friends, etc. There are no kittens and rainbows in this book, and you should know that going in. Nothing about Mary Rose’s life is pretty, or very happy to be quite honest. Each entry made me feel extremely sorry for her. I hate the things she had to deal with. Cystic fibrosis sounds HORRIBLE and her entries about that had me on the verge of tears. I could not imagine what it must be like to suffer with that disease.

While this book definitely didn’t leave me with a hopeful ending or with pleasant feelings, I did like reading this book. As brutal and realistic as DEAR NOBODY was, Mary Rose paints a picture that you can’t help but keep wanting to read. She drags herself into many holes and you want to keep reading to see if she got herself out of them. You want to keep reading to see if she gets better, to see if her mom realizes she’s in an abusive relationship that is not only hurting her but her daughter as well, to see if Mary Rose will stop getting extremely drunk and/or high just because she’s bored, to see if she finds a real and deserving love. There’s so many things that you want to see good happen to Mary Rose because she deserves it. I like her no nonsense and no filter way of writing because there isn’t someone there censuring what she thinks. So many times people that are in these types of situations will put up a fake front to others to avoid discussing how they really feel, and Mary Rose does that, and acknowledges that. If you’re looking for a gritty and sadly very realistic diary of a girl suffering from cystic fibrosis and the social pressures of being a teenager without the best influences in her life, DEAR NOBODY is the book to pick up.

I received an ebook copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Want to see some real photo copied entries of Mary Rose’s diary? Be sure to go to the official DEAR NOBODY website!

Here’s an example! 


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