My New Year’s Resolution

January 9, 2015 discussion post 6

happy new year

So I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions. While I find it awesome that people set personal goals for the year to try and better themselves and improve their lives, I have a hard time coming up with something, especially something that I’ll remember 6 months down the road. There are those that want to get into a healthy fitness and eating plan. Those that want to accomplish something in particular. While I admire the people that set these and ultimately are successful, I know there are many who never keep up with it.

It seems like we all tell ourselves that this is the year where we will ______. When January 1st rolls around, we have our mind made up and are confident we’ll stick with it. We start out gungho and get into a routine with this goal but then something happens around February, it seems, and that resolution slips away to the point we don’t remember it anymore. This may not be you but good grief it is certainly me. I hate admitting that I’m one of those people who can’t keep a New Year’s resolution but I’m certainly not going to lie and say I keep it. So somewhere along the way I just simply gave up making them. Who wants disappointment, right?

This year I’m not setting myself up for failure by making some resolution I know in my heart that I’ll never keep. This year, and it’ll be the first time in years, but this year, I’m making a New Year’s resolution and I’m sharing it with everyone. Why? By sharing it with you, my lovely followers, I know that someone out there will read it, will know what my resolution is, and will hold me accountable. I think the reason I have failed in the past with my resolutions is because I kept them to myself. I made is a personal resolution that I didn’t share with anyone and that left me to easily slip off the wagon. Not this year. This year I have you guys to make sure I keep it. I want you to make sure I keep this because it’s truly something I want.

Get on with it, Christine, right?

This year my New Year’s Resolution is to get back to blogging consistently, and with as much passion as I had at the beginning of last year. I blogged almost every day of the week, excluding the weekends. I want to get back to that. I want to get back to reading every single minute I can squeeze in. I want to publish multiple reviews a week. I want to participate in fun memes. I want to blog hop–visit my favorite blogs and discover new ones. I want to get back in touch with my blogging friends and make new ones. I want to write more discussion posts and get conversations rolling. And I want you, my fellow readers, to be involved with my little corner of the blogosphere. I have an idea for a new feature that I hope will turn out to be a success–more on that next week! (I’m excited so I hope you guys want to participate!) But ultimately, I want to fall back in love with blogging. 

When I started school over the summer last year I had literally no free time to read and blog. None. I fell out of my blogging and reading rhythm and I’ve had such a hard time getting back on it. I want to get back on that rhythm. I miss it and you guys!! So please, will you all do me a favor, and make sure I keep this resolution? 🙂

Thank you!! And thank you to anyone who is still out there that, despite me being absent, more or less, for the past 5 months, thank you for sticking around to see if I’d come back!


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    • Christine

      Thanks for sticking around with me! It’s so hard to get back into it after I’ve been gone for so long. It’s like I can’t even remember how this works haha

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