My Week in Review

February 25, 2013 Uncategorized 3

So as you know, I’m getting behind on my reviews. This past week has been somewhat crazy. Monday was my birthday so I was busy going to class and doing birthday festivities. Tuesday, I started feeling sick and was out for the count all day that day and Wednesday. Even though I was sick on Wednesday, I had to study for a major test that I had on Thursday. Here’s where things get interesting. My test is supposed to be at 8 am. I still don’t feel good and am just ready to get the thing over with. 10 minutes after class is supposed to start, no teacher. 15 minutes go by, no teacher. Fast forward 30 minutes, still no teacher and we are starting to get irritated. There’s something that you need to know about this teacher: he is the most punctual person you will ever meet in your life. If you aren’t in your seat and ready to take notes at 8:00 on the dot, you don’t get to come to class.  He will sit at his desk and watch his watch for the minute hand to hit :00. He then will proceed to tell the class “Okay. It’s 8 o’clock.” and will walk to the door, peer out, and promptly shut it, locking any potential later comers out. Say you’re 30 seconds late, too bad, you don’t get to come in. It’s crazy insane. So anyway, knowing this, we are wondering where on earth he is and are terrified to leave class. In the student handbook, there is a rule that says if your teacher doesn’t show up after 15 minutes to a Tuesday/Thursday class, you can leave. But our teacher is scary and we had this feeling that he would walk in the second we all get up to leave. Long story short, we leave anyway because class is almost over and we would have no time to take the test anyway. I was not happy, being sick and all, to say the least. On Friday, I drove home in a huge thunderstorm because I needed to get my license renewed and had a doctor appointment. About halfway through the trip, I got really hungry and decided to go through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-a. I was in the line when all of a sudden I heard this light click noise. Next thing I know, my steering wheel has shut off and physically will not move. I absolutely panic. I have to keep driving because the line is moving and I can barely turn my wheel more than an inch. Luckily, I had already rounded my way around the building and had a straight shot to a parking spot. I almost hit the car parked next to me because I couldn’t get the wheel to turn far enough over to get in the slanted spot. I FREAKED OUT. I called my mom in a panic and she told me she would come drive an hour and a half to get me. I shut off my car and luckily, when I turned it back on, the steering wheel was working again. [Insert sigh of relief] When I finally got home, I went to the DMV which took TWO hours, went to the doctor, and then went out to eat with my family. Long day. Yesterday was just as long but luckily I had time to catch up on my sleep.

To sum things up: I have had barely any time to finish up THE SUMMER PRINCE. I’m trying, I promise! Once I get back to school, I’ll have some free time to hopefully get close to finishing. Expect a review by Wednesday, at the latest!

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  1. rivie bleu

    Wow, sounds like a busy week with a few incidents. Hope this week is better. That’s weird, did you find out why he didn’t get to class? I hope he’s okay

    • Christine

      It was interesting, to say the least! He eventually emailed us on Friday saying that he was out of town (thanks for telling us ahead of time!) and had scheduled someone to come and give us the exam. Whoever that was didn’t show up. Luckily, my teacher said that he will give us some sort of extra credit for coming and waiting!

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