January 25, 2013 book review 1

This Book! 

I can’t even, with this book.
I read Divergent two weeks ago and started Insurgent on Jan 19. I finished it earlier this morning despite my constant struggle to slow down. Seriously, I tried. I was reading a hundred pages in an hour in a half WITH breaks. This book was so good, I didn’t want to finish it so soon. The next book doesn’t come out until later this year and knowing that, I wanted to drag this one out as long as possible so the wait for the 3rd wouldn’t be so long. That obviously didn’t turn out so well. 
Let me put it this way: I love dystopian novels. LOVE. I fell so in love with the characters. Veronica Roth knew exactly what to do to make me go through every emotion possible in a matter of 5 chapters. Happiness, sadness, anger, dismay, confusion, trust issues, and how to rip my heart out. When Tris willingly went to Erudite for testing? Yeah, I had a panic attack. There was no way Jeanine was going to let her survive. Then when Tobias showed up? WHAT WAS HE THINKING? I just knew that he would be killed instantly. But alas, Veronica knew she couldn’t do that to her devoted readers. She couldn’t. At the end when the video feed cut on and finally Tobias and Tris were back to normal relationship-wise, given the circumstances, my heart just swell up. I was so happy. 
Unfortunately, I have this gut wrenching feeling that something bad is going to happen in the next book. I mean, c’mon, 500 or so more pages left to go? There is no way it’s going to be daisies and sunshine. I’m terrified just thinking of what is going to come up. Right now, however, I’m going to bask in my semi-happiness, thinking that everything will be okay. They will walk through the fence at Amity, Tobias and Tris fight whatever they will encounter in the outside world, together. Tris will use her insane strategy and risk-taking skills while Tobias keeps everything level-headed. They will win. They will move out to the country somewhere, or even back to the Dauntless headquarters, and everything will be perfect. That’s what I keep telling myself right now. Don’t try to bring me back to reality just yet!
What did you guys think of the novel? Likes/Dislikes? Let me know in the comments! I joined this site to talk with everyone about these things so I would love to know!


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  1. rivie bleu

    I love both books! They are part of my favorite series. I understand what you mean, I finished them so fast and I didn’t want them to end. I started them over the moment I finished the second one, knowing there was no third yet. Then came December and I had to keep my mind off them and read something else.

    Rivie @ Bookshelf

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