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I Am a Reader, Not a Writer is hosting a new meme called “Feed My Reader Friday” which is basically just a post about what has been uploaded onto your e-reader in the past week. This also acts as a blog hop so I thought I would join!

Recently Added to my Kindle App:

Broken by Susan Jane Bigelow

I’m so excited, you guys! I was approved for my first galley from NetGalley! This book was published in 2011 (which is probably why I was appoved) but I have never heard of it and it looks pretty good. It’s also the first in a series. Here are the details:

Publisher: Candlemark & Gleam
Released: November 22, 2011

Summary: “In a post-war future world where First Contact has been made, humans are colonizing the stars, and the nations of Earth have been united under a central government, Extrahumans are required by law to belong to the Union. When a young man with visions of the future sets out on a mission to define the course of human history, he encounters a devastated former hero, a fascist dictatorship bent on world domination, and the realities of living in a society where affiliation is everything.

Broken figured she was done with heroics when she lost the ability to fly and fled the confinement of the Extrahuman Union. But then the world started to fall apart around her, and the mysterious Michael Forward entered her life, dangling the possibility of redemption and rebirth.

Michael Forward can see the future, but all he wants is to escape the destiny he has struggled against all his life. When the moment comes, though, he finds he can’t refuse. Now he needs the help of a homeless ex-superhero to save a baby who may be the key to humanity’s freedom.

Monica had a good life with her large family, until two strangers and a baby showed up at her door. Now her family is gone, her life is in ruins, and she’s on the run from the law.

In a time of spreading darkness, when paranoia and oppression have overtaken the world, can three unlikely allies preserve a small ray of hope for a better, brighter future?

First in the Extrahumans series; don’t miss Fly Into Fire and The Spark!”


What have you recently added to your e-reader device? Let me know in the comment section!


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    • Christine

      I hope it’s good! thought the same thing about netgalley. I was searching around for awhile and found some that were published awhile ago or just came out. My guess is that the ones that are more than year old, like this one, are put on there if the book really didn’t much publicity when it came out. I think the newly published ones are probably only listed for a few months afterwards to get more reviews. The majority of the books are ARC’s though!

    • rivie bleu

      That makes sense, and I thought they didn’t have old books because I had seen one that I wanted to read, but didn’t download it, it was open for everyone but I remembered about it a few days ago and I went back and it was gone, I couldn’t find the title anymore. It was just published.

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