Happy Halloween!!

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So last night I was sitting at my computer writing up my review for FAULT LINE. I finished it this past Monday but haven’t had a free day yet on the blog to post it for you guys to read. I was going to have it go up today but then I remembered, it’s Halloween!! I love Halloween and it is one of my favorite holidays, even if I don’t get to go trick-or-treating anymore. But still, I wanted to write a special Halloween post. SO, my review of FAULT LINE will go up tomorrow (Friday, 11-1) instead. Hope you guys don’t mind 🙂

I have a 12 year old sister who has officially deemed herself too old to go trick-or-treating. Since I am the one who always used to take her, I’m a bit sad. I loved getting dressed up and going with her, even if I was slightly older than everyone else. I mean c’mon, FREE CANDY! When she told me she wasn’t going this year, a part of me died a little. I didn’t stop trick-or-treating myself until I was in 10th grade! Yeah, we were probably a little too old but I went with a group of friends and it was a blast. We didn’t dress up like hookers so it was all good. Very family friendly costumes 🙂

I absolutely love decorating for Halloween. Love it.  You can catch me in the decorations section of Walmart and Target at least once a week. This year we have a grave yard set up with an old, rusty lamp post that has a black flame candle. We also have the traditional fake cobwebs all over the porch, caution tape, and pumpkins set up. I also thought it would be a really cool idea to get a fog machine to seep over the graveyard. We’ll have a small spotlight pointing at the headstones so you can see them and the spooky fog. We tried to use our neighbor’s fog machine last year but it didn’t work. Fingers crossed it will this year. I wanted my sister to hide behind the bushes and jump out and scare people but she is too cool for that too. LAME.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to dress up to hand out candy yet. I probably won’t just because all my old costumes are in storage somewhere and I know the stores are going to be a madhouse. I love painting my nails so I did do something cool with them. I usually do black and orange pumpkins but wanted to go a different route this year. Anybody seen Nightmare Before Christmas? One of my favorites!

So since I won’t have any interesting pictures to share with you guys, I decided to show off all of my dog’s costumes. She weighs about 52 lbs and it’s really hard to find costumes that fit her. If I come across one that’s big enough, I can’t resist! This year will be her second Halloween ever but she has enough costumes to last a couple more years. She’s one of those dogs that likes being dressed up and loves posing for the camera.

The Many Costumes & Faces 
of Fergie

Wonder Woman.
This is her newest addition,
I think she liked the flowy skirt 🙂

Glamour shot.
My sisters decided it would be oh so hilarious to 
draw eyebrows on my poor dog

The reindeer look.
Not exactly Halloweeny but hey,
it’s all about being in costume!

If my dog ever actually barked,
she’d let out a big one for this look.

And my all time favorite: the witch. She’s just too adorable in this!

Sorry if some of them were a bit blurry, it’s hard to take a picture of dog with a cell phone, especially when she’s fidgeting.

Do any of you have big plans for Halloween? Feel free to share them with me! I’d love to hear what all you have going on 🙂 And those of you with kids, what are they going as? 

Oh, and before I forget! Don’t forget to enter my Spooktacular Giveaway!! Today is the last day to win an awesome book of your choice from a list of my favorite spooky/scary/creepy/thrilling books of 2013. 

*no dogs were harmed in the making of these photographs


4 Responses to “Happy Halloween!!”

  1. Cait

    Eeep! Dino-dog is just too cute! Halloween isn’t very big in Australia, but this year we actually had 3 (that’s a lot) trick-n-treaters. It’s kind of adorable seeing a zombie stumble down our really steep driveway. We give them lollies just for the effort.

  2. Ellie M.

    Ohhhh that’s so cute!! I’m glad you had fun yesterday! I ended up giving out candy to kids and going to sleep at like 9 pm lol super lame

  3. Natalie Natflixandbooks

    Happy belated Halloween. I LOVE the dinosaur and WW costumes. So cute. I trick-or-treated well into high school, too. Free candy! I buy candy every year, but we don’t get any trick-or-treaters and then I get to eat it all.

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