Confessions of a Book Blog – Then vs Now

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I thought a good topic would be a look at my blog then vs now.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what made me fall off the book blogging wagon (2+ years to think *gasp!*). I realized what made me love doing this way back when in 2013, what happened along the way, and why I ultimately just quit. To make this more reader friendly, I’ve made a list!

2013 The Bookish Daydreamer
  • New kid on the block with starry eyes and a simple goal – read books! Yay!
  • I didn’t have any followers, so no pressure to blog the things they’d want to see.
  • Poor college kid with little money – I could only read what books I already had.
  • The concept of blog tours was discovered – wait, you mean I can read books that aren’t out yet?!
  • Sign up for ALL the tours!
2014 The Bookish Daydreamer
  • Crazy, but I actually have a following!
  • I started receiving the holy grail of book blogging: physical ARCs from the publishers!
  • Crap, I forgot I signed up for that blog tour.
  • This book is boring but…blog tour commitment.
  • OMG, I forgot this ARC was getting published this week. I forgot! Must read ASAP!
  • *grumbles* I can’t think of anything original for my blog. Yikes.
  • This book came out three weeks. I should’ve read it by now.
  • I love this publisher to death for sending me these awesome ARCs but they’re going to hate me now that I’m behind.
  • *pressure pressure pressure*
2015 The Bookish Daydreamer
  • Mega. Reading. Slump.
  • My followers are bored with me. I’m not as good as [insert popular book blog here]. I don’t know what to write. ย (read: major self-doubt)
  • Fell out of contact with some of my best blogging friends – cue guilt, sadness, etc. I’m a terrible friend.
  • I’m completely lost and have no idea what books are out, coming out soon, already came out, etc.
  • What is blogging?
2016 The Bookish Daydreamer
  • *crickets*

Now it’s 2017 and I’m ready to do thingsย differently.ย You can clearly see how my love of this community and for reading slowly fizzled out. It started off as an exciting journey with glitter thrown everywhere but then the pressure (my own self-inflicted pressure, I’ll add) of keeping up appearances, keeping publishers happy, keeping readers happy, staying ahead of the publishing schedule, trying to be original all got to be too much. I lost sight of why I started this blog. I lost track of my pure love of reading and sharing my thoughts on anything I’ve read. I became focused on the wrong things and it completely burnt me out. I felt like a failure for many reasons and so I just gave up. *sigh*

Here’s a list of my new goals going forward. I’m re-energized, I’m basically starting from scratch, and I’m doing this for me. Hopefully, a few of you will find this and decide to stick around! I’d love to have you! (I’m super nice, promise, and love making new bookish friends!)

2017 – Goals Going Forward

  • Read for the love of reading.
  • Read what I want to read.
  • No time constraints or deadlines – read when I feel like it.
  • Schedule the blog at least a week or two in advance so there’s no pressure to have content and write something just for the sake of something being published.
  • Try and regain back some of my previous bookish friends (I miss you guys!)
  • Comb my way through that enormous TBR pile!
  • Post whatever I want to post with no self-doubt or worry if it’ll get views or not. If I can’t come up with anything original, be okay with that. Reviews are fine too, Christine.
  • Enjoy the journey. There’s a reason this is a hobby!

I’m hoping that now that’s it’s out in the open, I’ll easily be able to remind myself why I started in the first place. It’s hard not to put pressure on yourself sometimes but life happens. It’s too short to stress about silly stuff.

If you made it down this far, thanks so much for reading! Seeing that someone somewhere cared enough to read what you post is an exciting and heartwarming feeling. Hopefully, like I said, you’ll stick around even during the boring and uninteresting times. I’m not all that dull (I don’t think!).

So now I have a question for you! What have you done to get yourself out of a blogging slump? What sort of things do you do to keep your blog interesting and fresh? Leave me a link to your blog too so I can come visit!


8 Responses to “Confessions of a Book Blog – Then vs Now”

  1. AimeeKay

    I read your post and it feels exactly how I felt. I stopped blogging a few years ago and it wasn’t a planned stop. I just quit. I felt SO guilty, but I just couldn’t get back into it. The only thing I did regularly for 2 years was the a to z challenge in April. This year I decided to either restart or stop completely. I realized I LOVED my blog, and I loved blogging, I just couldn’t deal with the pressure I was putting on myself. So I did the A to Z again and I made a commitment to have one or two posts a month and review one book every month, maybe…lol. But I would only review stuff I REALLY wanted to read. I also will do tours, but only ones that come with premade posts. and I won’t review for tours. Too much pressure timewise and also that if I didn’t like it I felt SO guilty because I’d signed up for the tour.
    I do think the worst part of just stepping off the edge of the world was losing contact with all the bloggers/writers/etc. who I had made friends with. I found quite a few have had to deal with the same type of burnout and have been very forgiving of me just disappearing out of no where. I hope you can keep blogging and enjoying it. Best suggestion? If you find that you can’t keep a commitment or just don’t want to don’t beat yourself up. It happens.

    • Christine

      Ah you sound exactly like me. I missed blogging a lot during my hiatus but I just knew I couldn’t dedicate the time to it that I wanted. I debated for years to quit paying the monthly fee that kept my blog alive but every time I almost did it, I realized what if I want to come back? So I kept paying it in hopes one day I could come back. I’m so glad I did that! I think I’m going to do the same thing as you regarding blog tours. I’ll be happy to have a guest post or just a buzz type post for the tours but I’m only going to do a review if it’s something I really know I want to review. I’m so glad to see I’m not the only who has dealt with this type of burn out. You sharing your story definitely makes me feel better about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ali

    I love this post! This is exactly how I had felt when I stopped blogging as well. All the pressure just took all the fun and enjoyment out of all of it. Did I mention I love this post! LOL. To get myself out of my blogging slump, I simply just jumped back in and made a promise to myself, sort of like you just did, to read what I wanted with no pressure.
    Happy Reading!!

    • Christine

      ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who experienced this. It really did get to be too much pressure and I completely lost the fun. I hope we both can keep to our promises!

  3. Natalie @Natflix&Books

    It’s good to see you again! It’s been years since I’ve run a full blog schedule and I don’t think I’ll ever (be able) to get back to it. I still do a WoW most weeks because looking for new releases is fun for me, and then I do a weekend post which is half about books and half about life. I think I realized about a year after I started my blog that there isn’t a “right” way, and that I didn’t give a fuck who was following me or what else anyone else was doing. I really enjoy the few bloggers I’ve made connections with, and will still venture out to see what is going on when I have the time. One main thing for me is that I never got into the physical arcs. I don’t have room for them and I don’t like the pressure of having to read. I still get e-arcs all the time, and try to get them read by their release date…but I really don’t feel bad if I don’t.
    Anyhoo, I’ve never found you boring–c’mon–and am happy that you are back.

    • Christine

      Haha well thanks, girl! I initially didn’t care but the thought of not pleasing the publishers weighed heavy on my mind. I get really bad migraines and can’t take looking at a monitor for more than an hour before my head starts aching really badly. It sucks. I do feel a lot less guilty though not reading eARCs since the publisher didn’t take and money to send them to me. I’ve got so many unread physical ones on my shelf that I’m going to try and read those (even though they are years old at this point haha) before I start requesting more. I think one of the things that is most time consuming with blogging is visiting other blogs. It takes time to read what they’ve posted and then comment on it. I love doing it but I usually don’t have much time during the week for it. I’m so glad to see you’re still around! I like reading your weekend posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Evelina

    Haha, this is a great list ๐Ÿ™‚ really shows your entire progress to.. um, lucidity, regarding the reality of book blogging xD
    I’ll have to say, it was easier for me. I went into book blogging after several months of seriously considering it, so although there were still surely new things for me, I knew at least half of what it entails (what I didn’t know was that there was a nice community to go with it!)
    I had been reading NetGalley books before I even started blogging, and I didn’t mind moving awful and reading them way late xD it must be different when you sign up for a blog tour – that’s more personal. I have still never signed up for one xD I still read more or less what I want.
    I have been blogging for maybe 8 months now. Can’t say I really have a following. 48 people on WordPress, maybe 20 on email – so basically nothing, considering teenage girls who launch blogs somehow get 500 in their first three months of blogging. I also don’t get physical copies because I live in a small country in Europe -they won’t really mail here. One day I’ll ask, maybe. But I don’t want to hear the no, and NetGalley is enough for now, I do love my Kindle, so what’s the difference?
    I have already developed a habit of having at least two drafted posts (so basically, a week), so that makes it easier. My biggest struggle right now is starting discussion posts. I only have reviews right now, and for some reason, I just can’t stand over the barrier of writing discussion posts – I guess it’s because it’s new, and I’m all like, NO, no new things! Haha. But hopefully, I’ll get there.

  5. Melissa (My words and pages)

    It’s funny how you go through all those stages. I remember doing the same things. And some of it I still do. lol. But it’s more a slower pace now with the way life has turned around on me. Enjoy the reading, that’s the best advice.

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