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Today’s topic is “genre fiction.” What draws us to a certain genre. What sort of things float our boat in said genre, etc.

Here’s Armchair BEA‘s official description of today’s topic:

The book-ish focus will be genre fiction.  What draws you to a specific genre?  Do vampires, zombies, or witches float your boat?  Or, do you prefer the heat of romance?  Recommend your favorite genres and/or books and help build reader TBR shelves a bit more!

There was another topic for today about blogger development but since I’ve only been here since January, I don’t think I’d have a good answer for that, or an answer at all. So Genre Fiction it is!

I used to not be a very picky reader. I see a nice cover, the back summary is interesting, I’ll read it. But I found too often that I didn’t like what I was reading or subconsciously realized that I didn’t like what I was reading and just stop. I’d place a bookmark in it, set down somewhere with full intention of finishing it but never doing so. I can’t tell you how many books I bought during my middle school/high school years that never got finished. Too many!

At some point–I can’t exactly pinpoint when–I realized I was reading the wrong types of books. I stopped reading those not because I hated the characters or what was happening, the genre just wasn’t for me. After some trial and error, I finally discovered the holy grail of fiction: YA dystopian! You guys have no idea how much of a fanatic I am for post-apocalyptic and  “perfect” society books. I absolutely love a kick ass young adult who, for some reason, deems it completely up to them to derail their government’s totalitarian/dictatorship/I-can-control-everything-under-the-sun regime. I especially love when said MC discovers some sinister top-secret, we’ll-never-let-our-country-know-what’s-truly-going on plan. I also love when said MC succeeds in destroying said plan. If you saw my Introduction post yesterday, you noticed that I would love to have dinner with George Orwell. Dystopains fascinate me. Societies that aim to be a utopia and claim to have its citizen’s best interest at heart fascinate me. When people start realizing that something very wrong is going on, it fascinates me.

Fun Fact! My 8th research paper was on United States utopian societies. They really existed people! They didn’t last very long, but they were people out there who truly believed they could create a perfect society. Do some research about it. It’s so interesting–and crazy–to see what some of these societies did.

As I mentioned, I also love post-apocalyptic novels. Those go hand in hand with dystopians, sometimes. But if they don’t, I love seeing how a broken, ravished society lives their lives afterwards. I love seeing how creative authors can be in creating these post-apocalyptic worlds. I imagine it takes a lot of imagination!

The thing I love most about these two sub-genres (?) of YA is how eerily they relate to the real world. In my About Me tab, I mention that my favorite kinds of books are those that A) make me go through every type of emotion in less than 5 chapters and B) those that make me think and question the world I live in. I’m a 100% middle brained person. I love being creative and emotional and imaginative but I also love critical thinking and applying the things I’ve just read to real life and wondering “what if.”

Another strange, let’s jump to a different ship, category of YA I love reading is supernatural/paranormal. I love witches, and ghosts, and all things, well, supernatural/paranormal! If you love these things too, I highly suggest you read SPELLCASTER by Claudia Gray and ABSENT by Katie Williams. I’ve reviewed both (Spellcaster and Absent) 🙂 I love reading about magic and seeing an author’s take on sorcery. I started my love for all things paranormal when I saw the movie Matilda at the age of 5. I wanted to be able to move things with my mind SO BAD. So bad. I tried for months and months to practice in hopes of developing the skill like she did. I failed, sadly. [insert heart broken 6 year old Christine here]. Since then, I’ve been a witch for Halloween 4 times, have seen every sort of witchy movie possible, and still love the month of October solely for the paranormal movies, stories, decorations, etc. Aliens are becoming of my favorite things to read about. I’ve read so many about them this year. Authors get so creative with their alien stories. I love reading each one’s unique take on it! For all three things (witches, ghosts, aliens) they can be made to be either good or evil, human or otherworldy. That’s what I love about this sub-genre. You probably won’t find two novels that are alike!

To completely switch gears, I also adore contemporary YA. It’s weird, I read with the seasons. When it’s winter and fall, dystopains/sci-fi/post-apocalyptic/thrillers all the way! Late spring, and during the summer? Bring on the summertime, beachy, first real loves, first real breakups, vacation novels! If you’re just stopping by my blog for the first time, you have to know one thing about me: I LOVE SARAH DESSEN! I’ve read every book and she is hands down my favorite author of all time. If you decide to stick around and follow me, you’ll hear about her a lot more often 🙂

So to sum up this post and my favorite genre of fiction in four sentence/fragments: All things and everything YA. Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic, thriller, sci-fi, contemporary, supernatural/paranormal, and some historical fiction. Those types of YA books you will always find my nose in. Nothing more, nothing less 🙂

What’s your favorite genre fiction? What makes you like the genre you do? I’d love to know! If you’re participating in Armchair BEA, leave a link to your post! I’ll definitely hop on by 🙂

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7 Responses to “Armchair BEA: Genre Fiction”

    • Christine P

      It is the best genre! There is such a wide variety of subgenres, you could literally read YA forever and not get bored! Tired of dystopians? Move on to contemp. Tired of that? How about paranormal? It’s great! You’re so right, it has to have a great plot. If it does, sold!

  1. Stormy @ Book.Blog.Bake.

    Love these YA genres! I’m *sort-of* a season reader as well. I don’t completely abandon the Dystopias and fantasies in the Summer, but I definitely read more contemporary.

  2. Diamond Cronen

    Very cool! I love YA too 🙂 always have. I hadn’t been reading n much YA for a few years, so I’m making it a point to catch up on some great series and stuff. 🙂

    I’m diamond, btw. First time stopping by your blog & I like the purple background. I’m a sucker for colors.

    Dee @ Dee’s Reads

  3. Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    When I did Armchair BEA last year, I was a new blogger too! It was great for ideas and meeting new people.

    I am also a fan of dystopian and post-apocalyptic reads! Divergent is one of my favorites. I also really loved The 5th Wave and though there is aliens, it’s post-apocalyptic at its core.

    And I also love contemps in the summer! Best time to read them. I’m hoping to get a bunch read in the next few weeks.

    Oh, and I am almost done with The Testing but I really like it! I hope you are too! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my post!

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

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