A Little Update on Life

December 16, 2013 Uncategorized 8

So as some of you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty absent from the blog and twitter lately. I’ve been applying for jobs for months now and never heard anything back until two weeks ago. As soon as I got the call about an interview, my life kind of spun out of control quickly. I interviewed the next day, filled out paperwork two days later, went in for online training the day after that, and then started immediately the next day. Since then, I’ve had little time to do anything else.

Because this is a seasonal job, my hours are all over the place due to the high demand of employees being present. Our store is open an hour earlier and later each day and since it is in one of the biggest shopping plazas in the area, the store is packed nonstop. I typically work 7-8 hours a day and at such weird times that I’m not able to get on the internet often.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with trying to learn a new job and not screw things up and trying to finish up all my Christmas shopping that reading hasn’t exactly been the first thing on my mind. And I absolutely hate that but it’s all about time management, right?

As the title mentions, this post is a little update on life. You got the update on work. Now it’s time for the update on reading and what’s coming up on the blog. Typically, when doing a reading update, I post a “The Thursday Update.” Well, I didn’t have time to do this last week and feel like I should clue you guys in on what’s going on, so we’ll make this week a “The Thursday Monday Update” 🙂

Currently Reading

  • No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale: I’m about 35% through this and am sort of meh about it thus far. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to dismiss some of my issues once the meat of the plot kicks in.
To Read Next
Scheduled Posts
  • Tuesday, 12-17: review of Being Sloane Jacobs. I read this book over a month ago and loved it!! It’s been so hard waiting to share my thoughts with you guys
  • Wednesday, 12-18: Waiting on Wednesday!
  • Saturday, 12-21: Samantha Sutton and the Winter of the Warrior Queen blog tour. I’ll  be reviewing the book and the author is stopping by to share his most exciting archaeological dig
  • Sunday, 12-22: Stacking the Shelves (since I have a tour stop on Saturday this will have to go up Sunday)
Tentative Posts
  • Thursday, 12-19: review of No One Else Can Have You
  • Friday, 12-20: possible review of Defy. If not, it’ll be up next Monday
With all that being said, thank you all for continuing to stop by my blog, even if I’m slacking off a bit 😉 I’ll be back into regular blogging mode this week. I’ve finished shopping and my work schedule is easing up a bit now that I’m fully trained and have the whole week to divvy out my hours. And this also means I’ll be visiting all of your blogs soon. I am so behind! 
If you haven’t yet, make sure you enter to win one of my favorite books of 2013!! This giveaway hop ends Wednesday, 12-18, at midnight!


8 Responses to “A Little Update on Life”

    • Christine P

      Are we?! I wish they would post a full schedule! I had no idea. And I love putting everyone’s links on my posts so that others can hop around and see what they thought. I know that I usually like to see other opinions when I read someone’s tour stop post. Maybe that’s just me?

  1. Cait

    I noticed!! I wondered if you might be swamped with something else…but still! That’s good you have a job. I hope you’re enjoying it. 🙂 (Working in a mega busy shopping centre sounds like it’d be reeeally interesting but draining.) Anyway! Least to say, I’m super interested in what you’ll think of Defy! I reviewed it last week, but of a meh. So I’m interested..!!! XD

    • Christine P

      I really like it so far but I’ve gotten a lot more hours than I was anticipating so if it turns out to be a permanent job after the holidays, I hope my schedule will be a little bit more flexible and not so hectic. Oh no! Well, we’ll see once I start it. I’ll keep you in the loop 🙂

  2. Natalie Natflixandbooks

    Congrats on the new job! There is nothing worse than looking for work. I’m about to go through that myself. Maybe moving is worse. Maybe. I still need to do my Christmas shopping. I’ve been soooo lazy this week. I know I’m not going to be back to regular blogging until Jan, but it’s always nice to see a new post from you!

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